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To book an appointment immediately please call us at (317) 972-4247. You may also use the form below. Please use this form at least 5 hours in advance of your requested appointment time. If the time is available, you will receive a telephone confirmation from Gentspa.

Online form can be used 24 hours a day to send us an appointment booking request. NOTE: Gentspa must confirm all online appointment requests by telephone/cell phone - prior to the requested appointment time. Appointment confirmations are made during regular business hours.
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    Please note that Gentspa uses only the highest quality hair and salon products!

  • What Clients Say:

    Here’s the deal about Gentspa…

    Somewhere along the line, we decided to create a different kind of hair salon.  One that wasn’t beholden to the latest trends.  One that wasn’t afraid to roll up its sleeves and make you shout, “We are not metrosexuals!”  No.  We’re for ambitious keeping-our-nose-to-the-grindstone MEN AND WOMEN who demand the luxurious amenities of a typical day spa, but simply prefer to experience them in a place where we’re free to grab a chair, get into a little Sports Center, and walk out with a solid haircut for a decent price. Period. End of story.

    What do you say?  Let’s not phone it in.  Let’s continue to part our hair on the same side.  Let’s get in early, stay late.  Let’s not make excuses.  If that sounds like you, we think you’re Gentspa material.  Have a seat. We’ve been waiting for you!  Please call (317) 972-4247 or contact us today.

    The Number of Gentspa Customers Keeps Growing!

    46 years of experience add up to some impressive numbers…

    With the name Gentspa, we thought we had better make it crystal clear that our services are ALSO tailor made for women.  Women’s services include shampoo, cut and style, Full Color, Retouch, Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing, Facial Services, and much more.

    • 150000+
      Mens Hair Cuts
    • 78900+
      Women’s Hair Cuts
    • 10100+
    • 14500+