Facial Services

Conditioning Spa Facial $85 (1 Hour)

  • Hydrating facial that will restore, moisturize and balance the skin, while relaxing you with a face, neck, and shoulder massage

Conditioning Express Facial $55 (30 Minutes)

  • Hydrating facial that includes a cleanse, exfoliation and Moisturizer

Purifying Facial $85 (1 Hour)

  • Designed to give the skin a deep cleanse and purify the pores for problematic/congested skin, while relaxing you with a neck and shoulder massage.

Purifying Express Facial $55 (30 minutes)

  • Designed to give the skin a deep cleanse with a cleanse, exfoliation, and moisturizer

Gentleman’s Facial $70 (45 minutes)

  •   A facial designed for the man on the go and your skin care needs, while relaxing you with a foot and neck massage.

Microdermabbrasion $120 (1 hour)

  • We use sterile diamond tip heads to exfoliate the top layer of the skin’s surface and vacuuming to stimulate collagen production.  Removes imperfections and wrinkles as well as cleanes pores and helps to lighten hyperpigmentation

Dermaplaining – from $50

Microneedling – $125 (series of 4 for $400)

Back Facial $100 (1 hour)

  • A facial designed for your back.  Includes massage, exfoliating scrub, and deep pore cleansing followed by an anti-bacterial mask.  Perfect for teens, athletes, or anyone with probematic skin on the back.

Teen Facial $55 (30 minutes)

  • A facial for hormonal acne and skin changes, focusing on cleansing and decongesting pores.

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